Hand Tamed Joeys

Joeys Range from $200 and up

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Single Flight Cage


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Water bottle Stainless-steel dual ball system to minimize drips, keeping water clean and eliminate leaks.
Feed cups

Lixit Quick-Lock Crocks Removable food and water bowl. Easy twist on/twist off action locks bowl into place on durable holder. Holder securely bolts to any wire cage--vertical or horizontal wire. Heavy duty construction is dishwasher safe.

10 ounces


CAREFRESH Pet Bedding and Litter

- can use newspaper if tray is deep (2 1/2")
Made from reclaimed wood pulp, this bedding is sterile, absorbent, and compostable. It contains no aromatic hydrocarbons, which could harm your small pet's health, yet it still offers superior odor control. Don't use pine or cedar.

CAREFRESH Pet Bedding and Litter



Wodent Wheels feature a unique design with a safe natural running surface and a support stand without dangerous pinch areas. The only exercise wheel recommended and approved by the ASPCA during their Seal of Approval program (1999-2006)

Small Wodent Wheel $10.50


LargeWodent Wheel $12.50

Stealth Wheel If you prefer the Stealth over the Wodent and you have a bigger budget, go for the Stealth! It is the top of the line wheel and you will really enjoy watching gliders play in it. It is easier to clean than the wodent because there is no floor, only mesh.

Stealth Wheel $36.95


Many to choose from
Come and Choose your own taste in Fabrics
Many Styles for your needs
A Good Vet Preferably one that has 24 hour emergency Care  
Travel Cage For Vet Trips or weekends away  
A Good Glider Book The Most Updated Current Version of Sugar Glider Care


Sugar Glider Book $15.00


Dry Food An essential for a supplemental cage food Mazuri $6.50 Pound or Pet Pro Happy Food(joeys prefer)

Mazuri New World Primate $6.50/Pound

Pet Pro Happy Glider Food $6.50/Pound



Crickets and Mealworms - buy when they are about 4 months out of Pouch

Order and Freeze  
Elimina - Odor Control

Recommended for Males or non-breeding females


Supplies for Their BML Diet:

To Prevent Hind Leg Paralysis (HLP) Calcium Supplement for a Healthy Sugar Glider


Is a superior multi-vitamin, multimineral and amino acid food supplement - Good for the Liver


Supplies for Their HPW(High Protein Wombaroo) Diet: Our preferred Diet
High Protein Wombaroo Powder

To Be mixed with scrambled eggs, honey, water & Bee Pollen


Bee Pollen Pure domestic bee pollen granules, from the great lakes region