Sugar Glider or Bird Flight Cages

Cages are to be shipped or for local pick up in Tulsa, OK These cages are large enough for your family of sugar gliders.


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Single Cage $160.00( Free shipping)

Tall Apartment Cage

Technical Details
• Exterior Dimensions: 24 " x 20" x 62"
• Interior Height: 55"
• Bar Spacing: 5/8"
• Weight: 55 lbs.

$205.00 (Includes shipping)



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Double Stacked flight cage $339.99 (free shipping)

Double Cage with Divider $350.00 (free shipping)


$350.00 (free shipping)

Extra Large Flight Cage 40x30x72



$399.99 (free shipping)

32 x 28 x 72 Flight Rooftop Cage



$399.99 (free shipping)

Corner Cage 52x42x74



$429.95 (free shipping)

Hexagon Cage