All Fabrics are Fleece unless otherwise stated


Can't Make Up Your Mind?

Would like a Stocking Stuffer from your mate?

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Gingerbread House Time to decorate with Your

Gingerbread House - spoil them with sugarplums $13.99

Ollie Octopus



Christmas 2004



9 inches deep by 7 inches wide Fully Lined with Padded Comfort

Select A Fabric:




Santa's Tent w/Pillow


Santa's Tent - Available for Christmas only. Hangs from Top of Cage.(Fleece only)


Santa's Sak With Toys


This is 2003's gift to you!

Santa's Sak filled with toys can be hung in a cage and has a reinforced bottom and sides. Go HERE for description.

Ball of Fluff




Christmas Wigwam


This Wigwam is twice the size of our regular one. It sleeps approximately 10 gliders! It is a toy and sleeping pouch all in one. It has been told to me by many customers that this pouch is their glider's favorite hands down.




Penguins Skating Flannel

Small Snowman


Snowman Face


Reversible to Tree Pouch on the right

Solid Fleece with etched tree imbedded in fabric

Outside of Pouch on the Left



SnowBoy Green

SnowBoy Red

Santa Tree Red

Santa Tree Green



Christmas Time











Naughty/Nice (on opposite side)



Bah Humbug





Baby New Year Bed

with soft cushy bed which is detachable

Baby New Year Bed can only be ordered in the month of Nov. and Dec. only.Please Request Male or Female

Glider not included

ToandFro Baby New Year Bed






Fall Fun

Fall Fun


Pumpkin Patch Kid

$8.00 (Lined)


$8.00(Cotton Lined)

This is your Gliders "Pumpkin Patch Pad" filled with Ghostly Goodies. We have included along with your Pumpkin Patch Pad, a Fleece Ghost with Glow in the Dark Beads that can be hung as a toy, A Puff Ball, Feathers, Spider, Bat, and A Dried Fruit Treat. Some actually have toy rats in them. Watch your glider carry these spiders, rats, and bats around the cage from place to place. The Pumpkin Patch Pad has a reinforced bottom for comfort for your baby. When the Season is over, continue using the Ghost as a toy, or take apart and use a fleece blanket for bedding down in their Pumpkin Patch Pad.

The Pumpkin Patch Pad can be yours for $12.50

Pumpkin Patch Pads will be their new favorite place to sleep and play Price with Toys $12.50, or without toys and in any fleece fabric $12.00 (Fleece only)

$12.50 with Toys

$12.00 without Toys and choice of Fleece Fabric

Spook me Boo



Pumpkin Bag Lined With Blankie $16.00


Heart Throb

Betty Boop

Break My Heart



Hello Clouds

Kitty Pink 1


Hearts N Stripes




Love Love



Spring Flings


Kiss Me








$8.00 Cotton Fleece Lined

Rubber Duckie Creme



Rubber Duckie Yellow


Sailor Duck


Duckie Blue

Puddle Duck


Hippity Hop

(Check for Availability)

Eggloos come in colors - Specify Boy or Girl (I will choose egg and blanket color,unless you have to have pink - let me know)

Each Eggloo comes with a Monogram Blanket with you glider or gliders names(up to two names), or business name. One layer of Fabric(no backing)


- - - - - - - - - -

For extra Monograming cost($3.00 more), choose, bunny, chick or duck along with one name. This Design with Extra Embroidery(Chick, Bunny, or Duck plus name, will have a Double Layer of Thickness and will be backed.

Click HERE to see Samples of Duck, Bunny & Chick

C hoose a Pattern




Summer Fun




(Cotton Fleece Lined)





(Cotton fleece Lined)


Memorial Day






Cat Mermaid Fleece



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