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Gliders like different foods just as people do. Also at different stages of their life they might dislike a food and two months later it be their favorite delight. Some diets work for others while others don't work at all. You might want to try a variety of foods to find their favorites.

BML - Judie's Version
1 Glider1 Tablespoon or 1/2 Frozen Cube
2 Gliders2 Tablespoons or 1 whole Frozen Cube
1 Glider1/8 cup or 1 Tablespoon Frozen or Fresh
2 Gliders1/4 Cup Frozen or Fresh
1 Glider1/8 Cup or 1 Tablespoon Frozen or Fresh
2 Gliders1/4 Cup Frozen or Fresh
1 Glider3 Giant Gold Meal Worms (Recipe for Mealworms)
2 Gliders6 Giant Gold Meal Worms
1 Glider3 Pieces per night of Mazuri or 1/2 tsp of Pet Pro
2 Gliders 6 Pieces per night or tsp of Pet Pro (leave in cage at all times)


It is Important that you don't feed pits to a glider. No apple seeds, Cherry Pits, or Peach seeds. Thorougly wash Fresh fruit before serving. Even after refrigeration (parasites can live in your refrigerator)! Do not use canned. Baby Food is acceptable for joeys and on occasion when the refrigerator is empty or traveling. Wash fruits before serving, always!
Cantaloupe, honeydew, watermelon, mango, grapes, apples,pears (over-ripe), peaches, apricots, oranges (occasionally)grapefruit, kiwi, papaya, pineapple, plum, prune, raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, coconut, raisins, fig, cherry (pitted) Only one citrus per week
Sweet potatoes (boiled, raw or baked) ,spinach, green leaf lettuce, bean sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, Bell Pepper (Yellow, Red or Green), Corn, Green Peas, Squash, Zuchinni, Kale, Broccoli, Snow peas
Insects or Protein:
It is best to buy bugs, crickets and mealworms from a supplier rather than collecting them in your yard. You may not spray pesticides, but your neighbor might. Do not feed lightening bugs. A good choice in summer is the Man 0 War (giant insect that looks like a mosquito). Depending on your home (living in country, etc.) June Bugs and Moths can be Fed. See Vendor Supply Page for a list of Reliable Suppliers. Female breeders could possibly require more protein for nursing. If you see the female coming out early in the evening and looking very hungry searching for extra food, you might want to increase the protein by adding a few more insects or a small piece of boiled chiken . Some joeys will not eat insects until they are 3-4 months out of pouch (oop), so as a new owner, don't load up on the insects as you may be waiting your $. I offer 5-8 small mealworms in the AM for Breeders.
Mealworms, Crickets, June Bugs, Butterworms, Moths
Dry Food

Mazuri - New World Primate In a bowl in cage about 3 pieces per glider per night. Do not give to young joeys(up to 4 months oop) unless it is soaked in apple juice. This Food is coated with Dental Guard to prevent gum disease.

Pet Pro Happy Food


Additional Information on Protein:

As a treat on Special Occasions, or if you do not have Insects you may give them

Chicken, turkey (baked or boiled 4 oz., no skin, no butter), cottage cheese (low fat), peanut, pecan, beef, ground, extra lean, cooked 4 oz, tofu (raw, firm 1 inch cube), yogurt (plain, low fat, 1 T per week), Egg (hard boiled in shell)

If pregnant add 3 crickets per night and two mealworms extra.

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If you cannot get a glider to eat the BML you might want to try some alternative diets. Gliders raised on catfood and switched over to the BML have a real hard time eating protein like Pinkies, chicken or babyfood chicken, or fish. A substitute is needed for this: Here is what we would suggest and it works well for this type of situation only. I only recommend this if the glider will not eat the BML. Before you try this, please take the catfood they have been eating and gently place on top of the BML so it is partly soaking in it.

Aternative Diet:

Mazuri - Every day offered in their food bowl. Mazuri is a dry food that contains Denta Guard which protects their teeth. That will be your source of protein. You will also add 1/4-1/3 cup of fruits and vegetables to their daily portions. A choice of one of these foods below three times a week. Skip a night between choices. For added protein, add three giant gold mealworms each or 4-5 large crickets per glider each night.

1. Non fat yogurt 2 tablespoons for two gliders

2. Cottage cheese - small curd - 2 tablespoons for two gliders

3. Tofu - two one inch cubes (May freeze unused portions)

Additional Recipes

This is a recipe by Patches:

"One of my glider's favorite high protein/high calcuim meals is scrambled egg & collard greens...Take a large handful of chopped frozen collard greens and put in a dish and run hot water over it...After thawing, drain and grab the whole bunch in your hand and squeeze out the liquid, then add to a raw egg and scramble...Put small bowl covered with a saucer in micro and set for 37 seconds...Voila...Let cool and slice in small squares...Mine usually get this served with their BML at least twice a week...Another alternative is fresh (chopped) or thawed frozen chopped spinach (made the same way as the collard greens) sprinkled with crushed (smashed with a fork) hard boiled egg...I always mix their eggs with something, as they will just eat that and fill up on it, and they get enough protein in their BML...At least mixed with collards and/or spinach, they are getting more than just protein"


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