Sugar Glider Toys & Cage Accessories

These are toys and cage accessories that ToandFro does not carry. We have searched the Web and have carefully selected them because we believe they the best selection of toys and accessories out there. Periodically these companies run sales to the consumer on toys and if you buy a certain amount, free shipping, so check back often.

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Cages, and Accessories from Petsmart & Amazon
Power Sprayer for Cage Cleaning


Genji Sports Self Expanded Screen Tent





Measures approximately 6.13" in diameter $3.99

Provide your Pet with the coolest hideout around. The Pet Igloo provides a secure comfort zone for your Pet. Measures 10.5" in diameter. $5.99

This one is great for Giant Colonies and gliders that need more room to eat $9.99



Mini Igloo from Super Pet
This tiny hideway is perfect for your smallest furry friends

For feeding, place over crock or dish to avoid messes on walls


Super Pet Igloo

Large Igloos work well when placed over paper plates


Super Pet(reg) Giant Igloo

Works well with just about any setup. Needs a large cage opening


Mini Igloo from Super Pet





Super Pet Igloo



Giant Igloo




Natural, biodegradable fiber, superior odor control, and super absorbent.

CAREFRESH Pet Bedding and Litter

Made from reclaimed wood pulp, this bedding is sterile, absorbent, and compostable. It contains no aromatic hydrocarbons, which could harm your small pet's health, yet it still offers superior odor control.







Super Pet Wooden LedgesThe Sleep-N-Ledge is a terrific way to encourage your small animal pet to exercise. Place several at different levels in the cage to stimulate leaping behavior. And it gives perching pets a place to comfortably hang out. Your chinchilla, sugar glider or pet rat will thank you for it!

Super Pet Chinchilla Sleep-N-Ledge


Moveable Platforms for Bird Cages by Blue Ribbon
For bird and small animal cages, movable platform attaches to any horizontal cage wire, 2 sizes and 2 colors available.

Moveable Platforms for Bird Cages by Blue RibbonMoveable Platforms by Blue Ribbon This platform will attach inside or outside to any bird or small animal cage with horizontal wire. Small: 8x6x4, Med:12.5x8x5.
Treat your pet to a fun new toy with this multibranch perch.This perch features a metal fastener for sturdy setup.  

Fluker's Bend A Branch

Versatile cage accessory bends to fit any enclosure. Ideal for most small lizards, chameleons and other climbers.

Fluker's Bend A Branch

This branch is great for use inside or outside the cage.



Travel With your Glider

The Reptarium by Apogee
Reptarium open air enclosures are economical, practical and multi-functional. Mesh can be washed in washing machine.

The Reptarium by ApogeeSturdy, lightweight PVC frame with nylon mesh covering sets up quickly and is easy to clean. The zippered opening can be placed wherever it allows you the most convenient access to your glider. Several sizes available.


$26.99 to 69.99

The Marshall Alligator Hide N Sleep allows your pets to do something they enjoy naturally, tunnel and hide. Hanging bell toy inside. Easily accomodates several ferrets. PetsMart
This 8 inch Fun Tunnel expands 2-1/2 feet to fulfill your critter's instinctive burrowing needs. PetsMart
Canopy Bed - Fabric Varies (Mary of Glider Tree)


Glider Tree



Pouches &. Hammocks, & Cozy Bedding
Name and Picture of Product
Description of Product
Manufacturer of Product
  This pyramid hangs inside your ferret's cage on sturdy swivel clips. The inner lining provides softness and comfort. PetsMart
This tunnel can hang from your pet's cage thanks to sturdy swivel clips. The tunnel produces a crinkle sound to encourage play. PetsMart
  Easily clips to most cages Great for multiple gliders or ferrets -4 holes for easy access Combine with other accessories Pirate Ship

Your Glider will enjoy cuddling up for a nap in the comfy cube. It's padded and fleece-lined for comfort.

All Living Things Cube Petsmart