What Our Customers Say about Elimina by Pet-Tech


8/5/02-I have been using Elimina with my two gliders for over a week now. After the third day I could tell there was a significant reduction in odor. At the end of one week I couldn't notice the smell at all. My gliders don't seem to mind it on their food, and it is extremely easy to use. Sara Green Des Moines, IA

8/5/02 - Well, I can definately tell a difference. It helps tremendously. At the time I purchased it, I had 2 Male Sugar Gliders. I recently traded one male for a female so the scent got considerably stronger with both of them marking each other and everything else. The female urinates frequently, out of nervousness I suppose and of course she had not been on Elimina before I got her, so I notice it quite a bit. I'll have to get back with you in about a week. They can be picky about what they eat on a daily basis so I spray it on their mealworms, they always eat them all. Janet Abrego, Orange, Texas

8/7/02 - We've been using the product for five days now, and my daughter says it has made a dramatic improvement in our sugar glider's odors. Thanks again, Donna, Elgin, Texas

2/10/03 "I am VERY pleased with my Elimina. I highly recommend it to anyone dealing with stinky gliders or any other animals! My glider's cage is in my bedroom and I have finally able to sleep in there all night and not wake up to "that smell". (I think those of us with gliders know what "that smell" is!) Thank you! " Krystal Moore, Oklahoma

3/31/03 "The girls and I are thrilled to have found you and the Elimina which is the most wonderful product I have ever found. The odor control it has is so good, I never smell anything even when I clean the litter pans. Three or four squirts on the dry food does the trick. It takes 72 hours to get into the cats system and after that, is pure no smell. You'll be hearing from me again in the future and as long as you have the product, I'll be happy" Judy Byrd, Antigo, WI ". This lady contacted me because she had used the Elimina for 10 years. She lived in a 20 foot trailor and had four cats and she said when people came over, they could not tell she had cats at all.